Full transparency, we had never heard of Mona Eltahawy until we came across her raging out about Maduro having Jorge Ramos detained and finding a way to somehow blame Trump for it.

Don’t make that face.

Ok, make that face, that’s fair. We made it too when we read this nonsense.

Journalist. K.

And we could be wrong here but kicking Ramos out is like the opposite of detaining him but hey, what do we know.

Yes. We get it. Authoritarians hate journalists.

Hence, Maduro.


She was so wound up she made a video.


It’s like The Muppet Show, but angrier, right?

When people gave her any pushback she started raging about trolls and other strange things.

Sheesh, someone get this chick a Snickers bar or something.

Quiet you with your facts, she’s a JOURNALIST.

Hey, that’s what we said!


True story.

And since she is a journalist we know the truth doesn’t really matter to her, only the narrative does.

Editor’s note: Femzilla won, thanks guys! – sj


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