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'Are you deliberately LYING'?! Rep. Dan Crenshaw DROPS Rep. Eric Swalwell for screeching over NRA headline and it's VICIOUS

As Twitchy reported, Rep. Eric Swalwell took to Twitter calling for legal action and a boycott against the NRA over a headline … no, we’re not kidding. Seriously. He claimed the headline which is CLEARLY about Democrats targeting legal gun owners with more legislation was some sort of threat.


We know, Duke Nukem just keeps on out-stupiding (is that a thing?) himself. Whoohoo for job security!

Honestly, it would be impressive if he weren’t so damn annoying.

Put them out of business over a headline.


And he wonders why we make fun of him.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was clearly as annoyed with Eric’s tweet as we were:

How can he claim this? He’s a disingenuous Democrat who would lie about the color of the sky if he thought it might get him elected. As for whether he’s deliberately lying or didn’t actually read the article we’re going to say a little bit of both.


And of course his goal is to ensure the outrage culture is alive and well, it’s his party’s bread and butter.

We suppose he could be the other Chuck Norris.

Hey, anything is possible in 2019 politics.


They have an agenda.

Nailed it.


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