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'What's their endgame?!' Mollie Hemingway shares thread that makes NeverTrump movement look even more POINTLESS

As Twitchy covered earlier, seems the NeverTrump movement is openly targeting the ‘pro-Trump elite’ trying to make them uncomfortable at dinner parties and in green rooms. That this is their mission tells you how absolutely out of touch they really are with their own movement but that’s another story.


Mollie Hemingway shared a thread that makes their efforts seem even more questionable and ultimately pointless.

They have spent the last two years telling Republicans how stupid and useless they are so we’re guessing that whole position of power on the Right isn’t coming back anytime soon.

This editor went with A.

True story.



So to his point, what’s their endgame?


We’re not surprised by this at all, especially when you’re talking about people like Rick Wilson, Tom Nichols, Jennifer Rubin, Bill Kristol and their minions … they don’t seem to care about what is best for the country so much as they care about being RIGHT.

And being able to tell all of the other stupid people they told us so.

Not much a movement, is it?

All. Day. This. ^


In other words, option A.


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