We are now eight weeks into 2019 and the Left has done a bang-up job of making themselves look like overly emotional, thin-skinned, rage harpies willing to believe any and every story as long as it paints Trump supporters in a bad light. From the smear the media pulled on the Covington Catholic High School kids to pushing the Jussie Smollett hate crime, they’ve not done themselves any favors.

One of the worst, of course, has been Ana Navarro who’s only real principle seems to be, ‘Hate Trump.’

Like this tweet from January where she smooched the backside of Nathan Phillips … you know, the guy who lied a lot about his service and about what happened that day in DC.

Brit Hume certainly seems to remember it.

Have we mentioned how much we adore snarky Brit?

That version of Brit works too.

We yawn AND laugh.

It’s CNN, man.


Or that people should keep their big mouths shut until the whole story is out?

Just spitballin’.


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