Chuck Schumer sounds a teensy bit frustrated in this thread where he’s complaining and whining about Mitch McConnell. Either he needs to really think about what he’s tweeting OR he needs to get someone new to tweet for him because this is really just pathetic.

And we thought Jim Acosta was bad with HIS ‘Dear Diary’ tweets:


Chuck. C’mon, man. This is embarrassing.

Anyone else have an issue with the idea of the federal government ‘allowing’ a state to do anything? We get that ol’ Chuck is a big government type of guy but wow.

Because you know, it’s not a thread worth writing unless you can somehow make sure and include Hitler.

Oooh, so tough.

And so hilarious.


What this person said.

But all of the polar bears are gone!

Wait, no.

The ice caps have melted!

Wait, no.

Al Gore was elected president!

Ha, no. Hell no in fact.

Chuck, this was just sad, man.


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