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'Wait'll they see THIS': We didn't think it possible but Iowahawk just made peeps outraged by John Wayne look even DUMBER

When this editor saw John Wayne trending on Twitter this morning she thought maybe it was the late, great actor’s birthday or something, but oh no. Some yahoo rediscovered an interview Wayne did for Playboy back in 1971 and they were OUTRAGED and TRIGGERED over it.


Kids these days, right?

Iowahawk had a few key points for the Wayne-triggered whiners to think about (which means they won’t think about any of this but still).

Wait, you mean Bernie Sanders existed before he was on TV talking about how evil rich people are while running for president?

Get outta town.



But John Wayne and stuff.


But Bernie Bros aren’t going to care or pay attention to any of this. If his owning three homes and being a millionaire doesn’t reek of hypocrisy to them, nothing will.



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