Nobody was surprised when Bernie Sanders announced his presidential candidacy for 2020, quite honestly we would have only been surprised if he wasn’t running. He tossed his name into a hat filled with dozens of other names which only promises to make the Democratic primary even MORE fun.

We all know how passionate (and pissed) Bernie supporters still are after what Hillary Clinton and the DNC did to Bernie in 2016 … have fun with that, Democrats.

In the meantime, Ben Shapiro came up with a pretty damn good slogan for Crazy Uncle Bernie:

It works, right?

Says experience, communism, and longevity.


That’s right.

Our bad.

He was talking about Bernie, not Hillary.

OH CALM DOWN, it’s a joke.


Pretty sure you can all guess how Bernie’s fans responded:

HA! Politicians age in dog years, just FYI.

No sh*t, really?

The irony of someone saying this while responding to one of Ben’s tweets is probably lost on this person.


Oh, good grief.

The, ‘But Trump,’ argument never really goes away, does it?

So mad.

And zero sense of humor.

Awww, Democrats.


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