CNN held a Town Hall for Senator Amy Klobuchar and one of the questions she was asked was about how she has treated her staff in the past. We can only guess they are referring to the whole ‘throwing a binder’ incident that she did NOT deny …


She looks … mad, right?

Or like she was trying to hide how mad the question made her?

‘Thanks for that question.’


You know in the back of her head she’s thinking, ‘Be cool. Don’t look angry. Smile. Don’t throw a microphone at anyone. Be cool.’

Dude, RIGHT?!


She’s a tough but fair boss so she’ll be sure to throw binders equally at everyone.

‘Whoohoo! Throw a binder at me too!’ – the audience, probably.

True dat.

Full transparency, we always knew Jesse had a few ‘issues’ when he wore that awful mint jacket – that he likes the idea of being hit with a binder is, well … very Jesse.


We told you this primary is gonna be FUN.


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