Andrew McCabe has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do after last week when he all but admitted he had tried to form a coup while in office (you know, before he got fired). After the story broke, ol’ Andy did a bunch of backpedaling and of course, the media did their part to spin and bury the story, but Mollie Hemingway found a thread of tough questions for McCabe to answer.

Which means he will never answer any of them but man, we really wish he would.

Take a look.

Right? Since he’s so eager to talk to the media right now, it’s the perfect time for McCabe to answer some real questions.

Oooh, that’s inconvenient.


We know we know!

Why would McCabe try to purposely mischaracterize Trump?

We’re totally stumped.


And yea, that’ll do for a start.

This ‘Jason’ person seems far too interested in the truth to be a journalist these days.

And even then, we’re still not holding our breath.

Woudn’t that be nice? But sorry, they’re too busy trying to figure out how they can pretend they didn’t just push a fake hate crime story to be overly concerned about reporting the actual news. And besides, they would never want to do anything that might frame Trump in a positive light.


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