Sr. Entertainment Reporter for The Daily Beast, Kevin Fallon, deleted what he called ‘inaccurate tweets’ about the Jussie Smollett case because reports are starting to frame what looks like a complete hoax on Smollett’s part. What’s hilarious (and not in a good way) is how Kevin uses the phrase, ‘if updates are true’, as if the truth matters NOW. Oh, he was more than happy to smear an entire group of people without all of the facts when it suited his narrative, but now that the story looks like bullsh*t, he’s questioning if it’s true.


In case you missed the tweet he deleted …

So we’re of the mind that Kevin should not only delete this but apologize for it. And gosh, golly, and gee, we’re not seeing an apology here.

He believed it because it was convenient and fed his beliefs and please let’s not pretend he cares about the people he falsely blamed.


Smollett clearly knew the media would support him because they are truly gullible as long as what they’re reading and reporting suits their purpose.

Kevin and others well and truly did their part.


Narrative. Agenda. Orange man BAD.

Not at all.

Ya’ think?

What he said.

What a track record.


Wishful thinking on our part as well.


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