Would appear Kirsten Powers has taken some time away in a ‘mostly Twitter-free zone’ (whatever that means) to reflect on our ‘dangerously toxic culture’ and the role she has played in creating it.


Now she’s back after spending those weeks self-reflecting and sharing what looks like a ‘mea culpa’ thread – see what you think.

Okaaay …

It didn’t seem like she was working very hard to see every side of the Covington Catholic High School kids story but maybe she figured that out while she was away.



And there is it.

We’re starting to think she didn’t really learn anything at all while she was away.

You know she was ALMOST there with this one. But then she had to make it racial and she lost us.

And she lost others.

She can’t seem to help herself.

Doesn’t sound like it. BUT she still had a few deep and meaningful points to make.

We haven’t seen her do much scolding on the Left lately but hey, whatever helps her sleep better at night.


Is everyone good now?


Some of her old tweets as a reminder though …

Those poor journalists.

Oh, and did she apologize for this?

Yeah … we’re not sure a tiger ever really changes its stripes, Kirsten.

But good luck with that.


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