Brian Stelter has been working OVERTIME to somehow pretend the media didn’t help push and support Jussie Smollett’s hate crime story, which is looking more and more like the fiction most of us thought it was all along. Tater really is the media’s greatest advocate, and we’re not saying that as a compliment.

It’s actually incredibly sad because even when supporters like Steve Krakauer agree with some of his points, eventually ol’ Bri irritates even them.

Take a gander at Krakauer’s thread that absolutely and unequivocally embarrasses Brian and his sad attempt at absolving the media:

It is wrong.


Wait. CNN was pushing their own agenda on what the police may have actually said and not just reporting the facts as they received them?

We’re shocked … SHOCKED!

It’s like Brian doesn’t understand who it is he works for.

Man, if this thread doesn’t piss you off at the media nothing will.

White terrorism.


Forget the assaulters were black BUT hey, they didn’t know that then, right? And they had a narrative and agenda to push.

Brooke might as well have said, ‘Orange man bad’.

We’re not counting on them being humble and getting better anytime soon. Look at how they’ve reacted even after they’ve been caught pushing a fake story for their agenda AGAIN? They’re pretending they didn’t do it, that others did it, that celebrities and Twitter did it.

They are so egocentric and self-bloated they can’t accept they screwed up.


Shameless, ain’t they?


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