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Class is in session! CJ Pearson SCHOOLS Chris Hayes who can't understand WHY the Right is so 'fired up' about Covington smear

Chris Hayes seems confused as to why the Right is so angry … nay … ‘fired up’ about what the Left tried to pull with this Covington Catholic High School internet hoax. Gosh, he hasn’t seen us this mad since they tried to destroy and ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life with a bunch of lies and smears.


Why do you think that is, Chris?

Pretty interesting.

You know that face you make when you’re watching a movie with a friend who has already seen the movie and they keep telling you, ‘OH YOU’LL LOVE THIS PART!’ Yup, just made that face.

CJ Pearson dropped a little reality on Mr. Hayes:

What he said.

And damn.

Get ’em, kiddo.


Crazy, right? We’re tired of being lied to and about? Shocking.



Ok, so maybe we’re not ready to riot exactly but we’re getting close.


Nothing astounds us with the Left anymore. We’d only be astounded if they weren’t pushing something stupid and/or untrue about the Right.


Maybe peeps like Chris would get it if we started using smaller words.


‘The B*LLS on this guy’! Nathan Phillips has SOME NERVE even THINKING of asking THIS of Covington Catholic High School

‘Bargaining’: Jeremy McLellan’s thread on ‘5 Stages of Grief You Shared an Internet Hoax’ OWNS blue checks, media and the mob

Un-FREAKIN-believable! How the Covington Catholic High School kids story got started and went viral will INFURIATE you

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