The Left is so anxious to believe their own BS ideas about people on the Right and Trump supporters that they were suckered over the weekend by some Brazillian blogger pretending to be a schoolteacher who pushed an edited version of a video to pretend a bunch of white high school kids in MAGA hats attacked a minority.

There is so much egg on their faces we’re not sure it will ever really come off.

Jeremy McLellan, the Catholic comedian who brought us the hilarious video on the history of the Knights of Columbus, wrote a fairly epic and hilarious thread on the ‘Five Stages of Grief That You Shared An Internet Hoax’.

This is so good.

In other words, they feel stupid for pushing it but instead of saying, ‘Wow, we really need to take a look at how hateful we have become,’ they try and find a way to justify why they were fooled in the first place. It’s not THEIR fault all white men are evil racists and stuff.



Look at all of the bargaining these people are doing now …


The real lesson here is don’t buy into bullsh*t because it pushes your stupid hate narrative but we digress.

These people.

Can’t help but notice we’re not seeing anyone saying they made a mistake here.


Holy Hell.

Yes, it’s their fault for support life.

The little monsters.

Oh that’s right, BLAME THE SCHOOL.

Did we say Holy Hell? Because HOLY HELL.

Yeah, this didn’t happen.


Fair. And true.

So, if you see a blue check, media head or mob-type harpy still yelling about these kids (and we know you will) send them this story and encourage them to read Jeremy’s thread … HA!


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