Jeremy McLellan’s bio tells us he’s a Comedian, Catholic, and dad … among other things. The Catholic piece of his bio is very relevant to this article as he took it upon himself to educate people (predominately Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono) about who and what the Knights of Columbus really is.

Considering Kamala and Mazie have been doing their best to paint the organization as some sort of right-wing extremist group.

Watch, you’ll thank us:

Secret underground headquarters of the Knights of Columbus.

Heh. Shape-shifting Free Masons …

This is truly exceptional.

Kamala and Mazie should BOTH watch this.


Which means they likely will NOT.

During Lent, duh.


It’s always the grandma, right?

Only on Wednesdays.

On the off chance Kamala does watch this video you know she’ll be all like:

But this truly was a valiant and hilarious effort by McLellan.



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