Brit Hume shared in his own words a ‘good thread’ about the government shutdown from a ‘man with no use for Trump’ which is key when you’re looking for an objective POV that tweeps can’t claim is biased. Hard to say Quin is just saying these things because he’s a Trumper when he’s clearly not.

And seriously, the media should take note of this …

That’s what we’ve been saying for weeks now. Ok, we didn’t say it this well and probably used way more caps, semi-curse words and exclamation points but still, same basic concept. Why do Democrats always get off the hook in these shutdown situations? Even when Obama shut down the government including keeping war memorials from our vets the media was more than happy to blame Republicans for not working with the then-president.

Exceptional point.

Silly, Democrats evolve, they don’t flip flop or change positions.

We learned that when Obama was magically pro-gay marriage in 2012.

Wait, what?

We’ll let Quin take it.


Hot damn.

It’s about time SOMEONE talked about the facts in this whole shutdown, doncha think? And Quin’s main point isn’t that the Democrats own the shutdown, it’s that BOTH SIDES are responsible in some way and the media never, EVER, reports it that way.

And that is what we call propaganda, boys and girls.


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