Someone, somewhere at CBS News thought asking President Trump about Jeff Bezos’ divorce was actually not only a good idea, but newsworthy. Forget that the government is still shutdown with no real give in sight, no no, it’s more important to ask one of the most powerful men if not THE most powerful man in the world to comment on gossipy BS.

And they wonder why we call them Fake News:

Seriously amount of FFS here, folks.

Gotta love the media these days and by love we mean mock incessantly.

Dude, even Obama gets that this was a dumb question.


Speaking of Obama, you think they would have asked him that question?


It would have been something like, ‘Obama, in all your magnificence, what are you doing to pass the time while unreasonable, evil, racist, bigoted Republicans keep the government shutdown?’

They’re such dillholes.

Our face EXACTLY.

So much winning, CBS News.


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