Yeah yeah yeah, we get it, Rep. Eric Swalwell is desperately trying to up his Twitter game because although he’s playing coy about it, he totally wants to run for president next year.

Holy crap, it’s next year already.

Honestly, it feels like these campaigns never really end because all our elected legislators do even when they’re not running is campaign.

Like this from Swalwell.

You’d think after the last time he tweeted about gun violence and admitted he’d nuke legal gun owners who wouldn’t give up their guns that he’d have learned his lesson but oh no.

Just take a guess at how this tweet went.




Good point.


*secure the border*

Hey, we see what they did here.

He REALLY set himself up good this time.

We may actually start calling Eric, Nukie Nukerson. It has a nice ring to it.

Winner winner.


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