Sweet baby corn things just keep getting dumber.

At this point, in the Covington Catholic High School kids ‘debacle,’ it’s pretty safe to say the Left’s original outrage about a bunch of evil, white, young, Catholic, boys harassing a Native American was misplaced.

As usual.

So NOW what they’re trying to do is find some sort of backstory to prove that while they were wrong about THIS incident, there is clearly some sort of racist or sexist backstory about these kids and this school. They’re saying things, ‘Well, ok fine, they didn’t do THIS BUT they were at the March for Life so clearly they’re racist and sexist.’

If you don’t believe us see Alyssa Milano’s timeline.

Or better yet, look at this amount of STUPID from the New York Daily News.

This is what’s called a ‘blackout’ game, Lefties.

We know, sports may be foreign to many on the Left but this is not racist, this is competitive.

From Snopes:

Based on comments in the BluegrassPreps message board, the intent of the black body paint was not racial but is instead a school tradition related to “black out” games, where the fans wear black to support the team.

Snopes even. C’mon. Surely people didn’t really buy into this, right?

Never mind.

Holy Hell.


What about the blue people?! The PURPLE PEOPLE?! This must be stopped!

The real cherry on top in all of this is an account called Ryan Toler, which claims to have not only been a student at Covington but claims to have been at this game and in this picture. He absolutely dragged everyone calling this ‘blackface.’

The Left doesn’t understand school spirit.

But we digress.

For shame.

PS: Yes, everything is stupid. You’re welcome.


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