There is a new fabulous account on Twitter called Screenshot Bot which we think will make our jobs much easier and a heckuva lot funnier. Basically what this account does is it somehow keeps track of what political accounts tweet and then delete … which is a big part of what we do. Luckily they catch what we miss.

And you guys, you should SEE some of the tweets political folks are deleting.

Take Ana Navarro for example:

Make Asswipes Great Again?

Classy as ever, Ana.

Check out Ezra Klein.

He deletes a LOT btw.

Just sayin’.

Ooh, they have Amy Siskind as well:

We can kinda sorta see why she deleted this one.

Man, these people tweet a lot more than we realized.

From The Hill:

Interesting that they deleted that tweet.

One from Jon Levine asking about Reason being an alt-right site.

Note, David Mark perhaps deletes the most but none of them are worth sharing.

Womp womp.

Look at this from Ed Krassenstein:

So many CAPS!

Oh, and their timeline wouldn’t be complete without Alyssa Milano.

Why would she delete this?

Or this?

But our favorites are from Scott Dworkin … these are hilarious.

Huh? ROFL.

One of the best accounts maybe EVER.

Screenshot Bot, not Dworkin.


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