For several days now, we’ve been hearing about the Covington Catholic High Schools kids who allegedly harassed and attacked a Native American Vietnam Vet. And at this point, we feel like it’s safe to say this has been well and truly debunked … which has people asking where did this start in the first place?

The account responsible was called @2020fight, was set up in December of 2016 and they claimed to be a schoolteacher of all things.

But was far from it.

From CNN:

Twitter suspended an account on Monday afternoon that helped spread a controversial encounter between a Native American elder and a group of high school students wearing Make America Great Again hats.

The account claimed to belong to a California schoolteacher. Its profile photo was not of a schoolteacher, but of a blogger based in Brazil, CNN Business found. Twitter suspended the account soon after CNN Business asked about it.

The account, with the username @2020fight, was set up in December 2016 and appeared to be the tweets of a woman named Talia living in California. “Teacher & Advocate. Fighting for 2020,” its Twitter bio read. Since the beginning of this year, the account had tweeted on average 130 times a day and had more than 40,000 followers.

40k followers. A fake teacher.

But tell us more about how Russian bots are taking Twitter over to help Trump …


And the Left ran with it because WHOOHOO, it fit their narrative. Evil, white, Catholic, young, likely-to-be-successful men wearing MAGA hats. They bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Think they’ll learn from this?

Wouldn’t hold your breath.

Color us shocked Twitter actually did something.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of tweets up threatening to harm these kids.

Could be a little bit of this … yes. They sure ran with the original story, didn’t they?

Yup. Sharyl definitely knows a thing or two about what it means to be smeared by your enemies.

Like we said up there, wouldn’t hold your breath.


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