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'MORE media lies': Looks like there's a whole lot MORE to story about Catholic students 'harassing' Native American protester

If the social media mob comes for you, it’s something you will never EVER forget. Whether a story is true or not (and it’s starting to look like this latest outrage they’re screeching about may NOT be true), they will do anything and everything they can to ruin the person, their family, and anyone and everyone who knows them.


Even if they’re a high school kid.

The story of the Covington Catholic students allegedly harassing a Native American protester was the HUGE story on Saturday, magically replacing Buzzfeed’s disastrous and incredibly embarrassing debacle about Trump/Cohen and the Trump Tower in Moscow. Color us shocked at how quickly the media can make this stuff disappear … *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Full videos have been shared on social media, plus texts from the students and an entire statement claiming that what is being pushed by the media and the social media mob is a bunch of BS.

Let’s start with Jim Hanson:

He stood there, with an adult banging a drum in his face.

It gets better.


So the bit about evil, racist kids surrounding and harassing the poor Native American guy?

Sounds like it’s been debunked.

Here are messages from the Covington kids themselves …

Seems like they thought he was ‘having fun with them’ because surely an adult wouldn’t come up and try to start a fight with a bunch of high school kids, right?


Now watch more of the video:

Notice they’re doing their own thing on the steps when the protesters walk up to THEM.

This is important.

What’s also important is it sounds like this ‘innocent protester’ has a history:


From Fox 2 Detroit:

An Ypsilanti man says he was trying to teach a few students dressed in American Indian theme party about respecting Native Americans.

Not long afterward, Nathan Phillips said that an interaction with party-goers and students turned ugly.

Nathan Phillips says he was out for a noon walk on a Saturday in mid-April.

He walked by a home where he saw Eastern Michigan University students dressed as Native Americans.

“They had little feathers on, I was just going to walk by,” Phillips said. “A group of them said ‘Come on over, come here.'”

He says he walked over to the fence and saw roughly 30 to 40 students involved in a theme party.

“They had their face painted,” Phillips said. “I said what the heck is going on here. ‘Oh we are honoring you.’ I said no you are not honoring me.”



And now a response from a Covington Catholic student:

A response that much of the media and the social mob is ignoring because they have their fresh meat, right? And fresh meat wearing a MAGA hat is even BETTER.


And MORE video:

Then from Tim Pool who is in no way, shape, or form a right-wing journo:

These kids were doomed from the get-go.

And really, if the main kid had been wearing a Yankees cap this either wouldn’t have ever happened and if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be this ridiculous story about a bunch of white privileged Catholic kids picking on an innocent Native American Vietnam vet.


Every time this editor thinks she’s seen social media at it’s worst something like this comes along. Hopefully, the whole story gets out there before the ‘partial, convenient, Trump-BAD’ story destroys these kids’ lives.


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