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'Predictable propagandist'! Sharyl Attkisson wipes the FLOOR with Daily Beast 'tech editor' who smears her as a right-wing kook

Sharyl Attkisson has been reporting a good deal on the controversial notion that vaccines can cause autism. To be fair, there are many people who hear or read this topic and sort of just look the other way because it certainly can sound like a conspiracy theory. That being said, Sharyl has covered it with her usual sense of integrity and fact-based reporting, allowing the reader to make their own decisions based on her findings.


You know, like investigative journalists are supposed to.

Welp, for whatever reason, ‘tech editor’ for The Daily Beast, Will Sommer, decided to pick a fight with Sharyl.

Ain’t it hilarious when a left-wing kook tries to call someone else a kook?

Now, if Will had simply challenged her reporting and facts that would have been fair, but to smear her as an anti-vaxxer and a right-wing kook was such a weak-ass form of debate. He’s not looking for a discussion, he’s looking to shut her down.


Sharyl responded.


And if he had merely challenged the story we’d agree.

She went on …


Will shared Zimmerman’s affidavit as well, but he biased the reader to see what he wanted them to see versus doing what Sharyl suggested and allowing people to make up their own minds.

FYI that’s not what the affidavit says but hey, Will was rolling.

Ooh, ooh, we know!


True dat.

Left-wing kooks doing everything they can to discredit and even silence people they fear.

And we thought 2018 was dumb.


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