Guess what, folks? A week ago, Chelsea Handler was tweeting about Lindsey Graham being gay and insinuating that Trump is blackmailing him over it, so Rep. Ilhan Omar wasn’t the first. One might even say Omar could have seen this on Twitter.


Anyway, Dave Rubin shared Chelsea’s foul tweet and made a comment about how he’s starting to wonder if the Left really does support the gay community.

Yeah, we’ve been thinking that for a few YEARS now. It would appear they care more about the gay vote than they do about gay people but it’s that way with most ‘protected classes.’

Kudos to Dave for using the correct ‘couldn’t care less’ here.

And we absolutely LOVE what he said for gays to remember, ‘Progressive are only for you when you bow to them.’

Nailed it.

No big loss.

Mind. Blown.

He’s right.

It’s all about power and control.

That’s RIGHT. She and Obama both totally evolved on gay marriage.


‘Nuff said.


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