Nancy Pelosi is trying really hard to convince Americans that her reasoning for trying to postpone Trump’s State of the Union isn’t petty and political … and she keeps failing in a big way.

Ted Cruz was asked about why he thinks Pelosi is trying to delay the #SOTU, and his response was spot freakin’ on.



We’d forgotten how badly Pelosi wanted the cameras to go away when she and ol’ Chuckles met with Trump before the shutdown. And he’s right about the Left’s base, they hate the president SO MUCH that if Pelosi doesn’t try and stop him they’ll come after her.

They’ve really and truly created a monster and it’s one they cannot control.

The last time Nancy and Chuck shared a ‘rebuttal’ to Trump it didn’t exactly go well for them.

Fair point.

And as usual, cue the shrieking:

Technically he does but hey, whatever helps her sleep better at night.

She actually really does.

And petty.

And vindictive.

Swee baby Jeebus.

You know what, we got nothin’.

Except for their reactions to Ted’s segment tell us he’s RIGHT on the money.



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