Would someone please remind Kathy Griffin that Trump has placed more women in positions of authority than most any other president like EVER? Seriously. If he’s so afraid of women being in charge he certainly has an odd way of showing it …

Technically she can disinvite the president from speaking in the House, but that doesn’t stop him from giving his speech so technically no, she is not the ultimate decision maker here … or anywhere when the president is concerned.

We get it, Kathy wants to pretend that Nancy is putting Trump in his place but no. And actually, all this stunt has done is make Nancy Pelosi look small, petty, and very vindictive.

What he said.

And considering how hard Democrats are working to pretend it’s Trump who’s being unreasonable? This was a poor move on her part.

Hey man, whatever helps her sleep better at night.

The answer is no, no they don’t.


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