How many times do people have to explain to Alyssa Milano that not only has America been separating ‘families’ at the border for years (way before Trump) but the main reason they’re being separated is to make sure the adults really are their parents and/or family? This is not about being unkind or cruel or racist, this truly is about protecting the children.

But you know, Alyssa has a narrative to push and playing on people’s feelers is way easier with kiddos so here we are.

Case in point.

She failed to actually link the story but her tweet pretty much says it all.

And ultimately she just made the best argument we’ve been hearing to build the wall.

Whoa, we rhymed.

If she really is that concerned about these children then she should support stronger and better border security that not only protects more Americans but the people crossing the border as well.

But Trump.

Man, we feel like we write that sentence a lot.

Who knew?

Somehow that would be Trump’s fault as well.

This guy better be careful with his facts and reality and stuff.

And then it wouldn’t be Twitter if some people weren’t commenting on the link she didn’t really include.

We did too!

Ok, we’re all just getting silly now.

THERE it is.

And truth.


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