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Can't fix STUPID: Katie Pavlich's one-line observation about Sen. Dianne Feinstein from Barr hearing is EVERYTHING

If you’re looking for a perfect example of WHY we need term limits, you need to look no further than Senator Dianne Feinstein who it seems has been in office since God was a boy. Her opening sentence during the Barr hearing this morning speaks volumes …


What the Hell does Anita Hill have to do with Barr? Did she get confused and think she was trying to smear Kavanaugh again?


Let’s hope not.

He’s not wrong.


Bite your TONGUE!

Not an unfair observation.

Man, we hope not.

Hey, that’s what we said.

And it’s true.


‘So far you’re failing US’: AOC called out by Native American for saying America is a ‘nation of immigrants’

So. Damn. GOOD! Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s breakdown of GOP plan for border security makes Dems look even WORSE (watch)

‘You’re a d*ck in real life!’ Kathy Griffin picks a fight with Don Cheadle, tells him to ‘fear her’ annnd we are officially DEAD

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