It’s like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez officially has an origin story.

From The Guardian:

On a cold day this January, I was thinking again about that conversation as I contemplated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s decision to run for office. “I first started considering running for Congress, actually, at Standing Rock in North Dakota,” she said late last year. “It was really from that crucible of activism where I saw people putting their lives on the line … for people they’ve never met and never known. When I saw that, I knew that I had to do something more.”

Who knew?

What makes this story all the more interesting was a tweet from an account called Dr. Katherine Crocker, who took issue with something AOC had said about America being a nation of immigrants.

Cool, cool.

Identity politics can get sticky, eh AOC?

Fair points.

At the end of the day, even AOC is a politician and like any other politician, it’s about what they can get out of relationships and situations.

Sorry, not sorry.

This was actually a really respectful and nice way to call AOC out.


Seems it worked:

Ok, so we appreciate that AOC apologized, as did the good doctor.

Maybe she’s starting to grow up just a little?



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