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'I'm no QUITTER'! Sean Spicier tweets about Dems lounging in PR during shutdown, Elizabeth Warren, plus fed workers and Lefties SPAZ

Covering Sean Spicier for the first time in 2019 is truly a breath of fresh air … ok, so that’s not entirely true BECAUSE it’s freakin’ cold outside and there is no fresh air to be had unless we go outside and freeze our arses off BUT it’s still nice to see our favorite parody account kicking ass and taking names.


Truth be told, usually covering one account so much can grow boring even for a Twitchy editor but time and time again this editor goes back to Spicier’s timeline for a laugh.

And a story.

We hope you enjoy these new tweets from our old favorite and laugh as much as we did reading them.


She really thought she had him here, too.

That’s the best.


We were thinking a Hillary sock but we’re pretty sure she would use ING on the end of the f-word. She’s proper that way.

These Rubles ain’t gonna spend themselves, pal.

That’s a lot of hyphens.


HE’LL NEVER STOP … wait, what?


Such a bad visual.


Thanks a lot, Spicey.


Right? Gold star for grammar. Content, not so much.

Followed by, ‘Sir’.

We agree.


The RBG avi gave this person away.


No, it won’t.


It comes naturally. Yup.

At least twice.

Was that even English?

Is that guy wearing a vest with no shirt?



Ooh, ooh … WE KNOW what the best part is!

So good.


No DEAL, professor! Guy Benson embarrasses poli/journo prof in HEATED debate about Lindsey Graham (Brit Hume with the assist)

Someone get her some ALOE! STAT! Ben Shapiro just NUKED AOC about her qualifications in 1 tweet and DAAAMN

Shut-up and make RAZORS! Gillette clearly hasn’t learned when you go woke you go broke with their latest campaign

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