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Math is HARD: #NeverTrump T. Greg Doucette's thread on 100s of Righties 'raging' about AOC dance video hilariously BACKFIRES

The fun part about T. Greg Doucette’s thread where he claims he watched hundreds of Republican pols and pundits tweet and retweet their outrage over the video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing is laughing about how badly the thread ultimately backfired on him.


Pretending the Right is outraged over a dance video to own Trump … c’mon man.

And gosh, we saw people on Twitter making fun of the video but hundreds of pols and pundits? Not so much.

Huh. Which ones?

Two is a lot different than 100, dude.


This is his big proof?

Yeah, fail.

Yes, this thread was terrifyingly stupid.

Just sayin’.

Someone is getting testy.


But there’s not.

Ok, literally laughing out loud now.

Uh oh, you know he’s mad when he’s going after someone’s avi.


Or perhaps we should say he’s OUTRAGED.

Ok, so that’s four.

We see maybe four examples in his thread … which is far, far, far away from 100.

Yeah, we’re not huge fans of math and even WE know that much.

Reading T. Greg’s thread, we can relate.

Zero self-awareness, what does it look like?

We almost feel sorry for him at this point.

Hey man, if you’re going to make a silly statement don’t be surprised when you get called out on it. Seriously, only someone who doesn’t know how to use Twitter would be this openly defensive and easily trollable.



The end.


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