Elizabeth Warren shared footage of her rally with a super edgy, deep, meaningful, inspirational, three-word description.

So moving.

So inspirational.


If we can see the floor at your rally, Liz, it’s not a good thing. Not to mention she really opened herself up for a good troll or FIVE. Our favorite trolling, however, came from the account @ComfortablySmug who went after the 1/1024th Native American in the likely most frightening way imaginable for Liz and that was by pushing Bernie Sanders.

And guess what? Everybody DID reply to her tweet with ‘We want Bernie’ … even this editor.

Yeah yeah yeah, we’re immature, deal with it.


Guess people really do want Bernie.


This was such a good troll that blue-checks claimed Smug was a bot.

Oh no! Don’t block us! Anything but that!

Whatever will we do without these genius tweets accusing people of being bots all of the time?


Oooh, now he’s a hub for trolls and bots.


Smug responded in the most ‘Smug’ way possible:

Sometimes we still love Twitter.


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