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GIRL POWER! Oh wait ... Sen. Dianne Feinstein admits she wouldn't support Kamala Harris for president and Lefties can't DEAL

Did we mention that 2019 is gonna be LIT?

In 2017 and 2018, Democrats could play nice with one another because it was all for one and one for all against Trump but we knew once we got closer to the next presidential election (time flies) they’d start devouring one another.


And so it begins …

Notice how they avoid saying the obvious here, that Dianne does NOT support Kamala.

From the LA Times:

“He has the experience, the drive, he was chairman of [the Senate Judiciary Committee] when I came,” to the Senate, Feinstein said Thursday. “I worked with him closely on a number of different things. I have a great respect for his integrity as well as his ability. And I think experience is really important at this particular point, where our world is today.”

Here’s the best part:

When asked whether she would support Harris, Feinstein said, “I’m a big fan of Sen. Harris, and I work with her. But she’s brand new here, so it takes a little bit of time to get to know somebody.”

THIS is gonna be GOOD.

Democrats love their rich, old, anile, white people. Oh, sure, they play like they’re the party of tolerance and diversity but deep down when you look at their leadership … heck, they just put Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House AGAIN.

And she’s what? Old, white, and rich.


Guess they think their younger colleagues are a bit too sophomoric?

Yup, they do.

But diversity and stuff.

It is indeed a club.

As we said, this is gonna be BOOMSHAKALAKA good!


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