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Oh DAAAMN! Greta Van Susteren and Sharyl Attkisson take media APART with fine print from FCC on 'broadcasting false content'

Greta Van Susteren shared some interesting ‘fine print’ from the FCC on outlets intentionally broadcasting false content …


Oh boy, THIS is gonna be good.

Media will definitely feel this. Yikes.

Actually, we’re not sure who she’s taking down more here, the media or the government for doing jack and squat about outlets pushing ‘fake news.’

Why not both?



Greta and Sharyl are both shining examples of what journalists SHOULD be. What they used to be. CNN could learn a thing or two from watching and listening to these two women.

Just sayin’.



Sad but true.

Annette gets it.

What they said.

With great power comes great responsibility. OK FINE, that was sappy and a total Spider-Man ripoff but it works here.



True story.


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