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Troll level=MASTER: 'Cocaine Mitch' triggered the Left in LEGENDARY fashion and it just took 1 short video

Like Sen. Lindsey Graham, it seems Sen. Mitch McConnell has finally grown a set and started doing what the people of Kentucky elected him to do. Whatever happened we’re SO thankful because man oh man, it’s been great watching him kick a*s and take names, especially when it comes to owning the libs.


Hey, we get it, there is more to life and to this party than ‘owning the libs,’ but after watching what Democrats tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh, it is so on.

How hard do you think Mitch laughed when he tweeted this thread?


Atta boy.

Have a great weekend, senator!

Nothing all that triggering here … unless you’re a self-involved, overly emotional, temper-tantrum throwing Lefty. This video of Mitch leaving work on a Thursday and telling people to have a great weekend FLIPPED them the eff out.


Eric tries so hard to pretend he’s one of the little people when he’s just as ‘privileged’ as any other elected official, Mitch included.

Melodramatic much?

Where would we be without Kathy Griffin’s intelligent and well-thought-out commentary on all things political? *ha ha ha*

And some real Americans don’t.


What a lovely singing voice he must have.

They’re so easy.


Just getting STARTED! What Grassley and Senate Judiciary Repubs have planned BEFORE midterms is EPIC

FUME! Sen. Heidi Heitkamp openly admits she ignored what N. Dakotans wanted on Kavanaugh (listen)

Talk to the HAND! Blue check makes LUDICROUS claim about Dana Loesch, gets DROPPED in just 4 words

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