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An UNHINGED mob: Dem leaders accidentally STAR in what could be the most BRUTAL RNC ad ever (watch)

All the Left had to do was not be crazy.

Keep that in mind as you watch this ad from the RNC …


We’re pretty sure the music you hear playing throughout is from ‘Stranger Things,’ which makes us like this even more. Watching the mob attack innocent people and destroy property while Democratic leaders tell them to do it speaks volumes …

It tells us how desperate the Left is to regain any semblance of power, and how dangerous they’ve become in the last two years. We thought they were nuts BEFORE Trump was elected but wow.

And this will do a lot of damage to Democrats, especially moderates and independents who they were hoping to appeal to for the midterms.

Hey, thanks Nancy, Eric, Maxine, Hillary, and Cory!


They have become their own worst enemy.


Watching a clip with so many Dem leaders calling for violence?

So much for that blue wave.


Just WOW! That THIS group is openly campaigning FOR Democrats says so much and NONE of it’s good

‘He’s DEAD Jim!’ James Woods uses Ana Navarro’s tweet to WALLOP Tom Arnold and it’s a DOOZY

The HUME-ANITY! Brit Hume brings another M-WORD up in the ‘don’t say the word mob debate’ and it’s PERFECT

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