TFW James Woods drops Tom Arnold with a tweet from Ana Navarro and all is right with the world.

Did we mention how glad we are that James is back from being suspended? Sheesh! Twitter was a much sadder, darker, and boring place without him.

Heh, maybe?

You know how we found this tweet about Tom Arnold from James Woods?

Tom retweeted it.

Is that sad or what?

To be fair, it seems Tom has busied himself retweeting negative things about himself …

Don’t look at us, people are nuts. We just work here.

Hey, don’t pick on meathead.

But it’s a good point, doncha think? The same people who have been claiming Russians elected Trump and that Republicans are going to force women to get pregnant calling anyone else insane is … well, insane.

Have they taken a look at themselves in the last two years?

Oh sure, they support you in being whomever you choose as long as you choose who they want you to be. Otherwise, you’re insane.

We did cover Ana’s tweet earlier today because it really was just that special.


Or picking fights with Dan Bongino, Dean Cain, that guy from MGM … even Twitchy.

Poor Tom.


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