The way the Left behaved yesterday after Kanye showed President Trump some love tells us everything we need to know about what their party has become and who they really are. We knew they were smug, we knew they were sanctimonious and self-serving, but wow, even we were taken aback from the gross way they treated Kanye.

And looking back, the way they’ve treated any celebrity or average citizen for supporting Trump.

Look at this crap from Ana Navarro:

So because they agree with Trump and may have Right leanings, that makes them crazy?

The arrogance of the Left, the elitism … it’s really hard for us to take them seriously when they call themselves the party of tolerance.

We’re ashamed of her comments as well, they’re absolutely gross.

Crazy ain’t it? Pun intended.

They do love their virtue signaling don’t they?

We know what this really means.


And this is why so many people will #WalkAway from the Democrats. Bank on it.


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