Since Kavanaugh was confirmed nearly a week ago (wow, a week already?!), the Left and the media have been shaming anyone and everyone for using the word ‘mob’. Forget that these groups of people truly have become mobs – apparently, it’s politically incorrect or something to call them that word.

The ‘m-word’ as it were.

Brit Hume brought up another m-word that fits PERFECTLY with the mob.

The media fuels the mob.

The love it, they need it for clicks and taps.

And Brit adding them into the mob debate is just so good.

From National Review:

Then there’s the whataboutism. Dear media, there is no comparison between a “lock her up” chant at a controlled-entry rally and the kinds of direct, in-your-face actions we’ve seen from #Resistance protesters or the Antifa street takeovers we’ve seen in Portland and elsewhere. Now, if that same Trump crowd surged out of the arena, broke through police barriers, and pounded on the doors of government buildings, we’d have a mob.

It is a simple fact that prominent Democratic politicians and left-wing activists are making dangerous calls for direct action, and it’s a simple fact that #Resistance protesters are crossing dangerous lines. Remember this, from Maxine Waters?

We’re not seeing a bunch of Republicans attacking Democratic senators at restaurants these days, nope.

Yup, they need people to be angry and afraid, and nothing promotes those feelings better than a mob.


Cue the pearl-clutching!



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