We think it’s safe to say that the media has well and truly imploded.

Look at how they behaved after Kanye hugged President Trump in the Oval Office and said he loved him … they came completely and totally unglued. From Don Lemon talking smack about Kanye’s dead mom (for real?!) to MSNBC calling him a white supremacist, they lost it.

If you give Trump props for nothing else it should be for showing us who and what the media really is.

Heck, even Geraldo Rivera called the media out:

It would seem their idea of what is and isn’t politically correct changes on a dime to whatever is convenient to their narrative.

Yeah, we sorta clapped for Gerlado as well.

Golf clap?

He IS a capitalist! No wonder the media and the Left (same difference) are out to make him out to be a crazy person.

Like this:

He was sane when he hated Bush, but now he’s crazy since he loves Trump.

Alrighty then.

Awww, now they’re attacking the Hispanic guy.


Gotta love the soft bigotry of low expectations.



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