When you see the actual Communist Party campaigning for the Democrats you realize just how low this country fell while Obama was president. Remember when communism was bad? Gosh, we do.

And call us crazy, but haven’t Democrats been accusing Republicans of working with Russians for the last two years?

Hello Communists …


Building the Communist Party is inseparable from winning elections.  Our analysis provides the context for understanding the need for unity in order to move forward  Building the Party is an important part of our contribution to the elections.

The spiraling crisis of capitalism, the rise of hate and the war danger, is forcing many people, especially the young generations, to question the system that is not allowing them to have a decent future. They are looking for alternatives.  Bernie Sanders message helped put democratic socialism in the mainstream of talk. There are DSA candidates in many states. This is great and shows the potential for building our Party as one that is committed to a socialist system instead of capitalism.

The power of having Communist Party organization is the ability to carry out a unified approach for the elections, and then keep it going after election day organizing on the issues of living wage jobs, health care, student debt, systemic racism, and supremacy.

The spiraling crisis of capitalism?


And is it just us or is this freaking TERRIFYING?

Communists are involved in our elections.

That should scare the crap out of everyone, even Democrats.


Republicans must vote.

And wake up, Democrats!


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