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Talk to the HAND! Blue check makes LUDICROUS claim about Dana Loesch, gets DROPPED in just 4 words

Dana Loesch keeps speaking out and up in social media so blue-check thugs and green-penis progressives keep going after her. Must be another day that ends in ‘y’ …


It started here where Dana ripped into the Left’s hypocrisy once again.

Remember how the Left tried to claim Dana was physically threatening them with her clenched fist of truth? Well, apparently it’s ok when Hillary, Holder, or Waters do it.

Exactly. Democrats are calling for actual attacks, violence if you will.

But you know, Dana is the bad guy here.

Democrats have been using fear and intimidation for votes and campaigning for years and years and the fact they’ve taken up a notch tells you how desperate they’re getting.

And speaking of desperate.



They never learn.

Four words and he’s done.

Hey! This editor first man, get in line.

Ooooh, us too.

Hook a Twitchy editor up, would ya?

This could SO work.

Hell, we’d buy one.


‘0-2 by our count’! Michael Avenatti uses his record as proof for ‘prediction’ about Trump Jr. and ROFLMAO

‘I LOVE this guy right here!’ Pic of Kanye hugging Trump in the Oval Office BREAKS Twitter (blue-check Lefties FREAK)

Texans AIN’T buyin’ it! Quinnipiac poll thread spells BIG WIN for Ted Cruz (and BIGGER LOSS for Beto)

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