Sorry Beto O’Rourke, but numbers don’t lie.

This thread detailing Quinnipiac’s polling of Beto versus Ted spells BIG trouble for the Democrat who skateboards in fast food restaurant parking lots and who tries to flee the scene of a DUI.

Oops, are we not supposed to talk about that?

Anyway, read the thread … it’s awesome.

The important takeaway here is that Cruz has been polling higher than Beto consistently regardless of Democrats claiming the blue wave starts in Texas. You’d think by now they’d know you don’t mess with Texas.

But we thought the GOP was racist and stuff!

And no matter how hard the MSM pushes the narrative that Hispanics don’t vote for Republicans it doesn’t change the reality that YES THEY DO. Clearly.

Ok, but what about the mobs?

We said it AGAIN. MOB!

The more they realize his name is Robert not Beto and that he’s just another ordinary Democrat the media latched onto because they think he’s cool (and they hate Cruz) they less favorable he is.


That’s ultimately what it boils down to, what Texas want.

And it seems they’re not buying what Beto is sellin’.


Not the M-WORD! Video of journos shaming GOP for saying ‘mob’ cut with actual mob footage BEST THING EVAH

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Wait WUT?! S.E. Cupp’s piece telling Dems to stop trying to lose goes over like a pregnant pole-vaulter