What can we say? Vox is gonna Vox.

Legitimacy crisis.

Alrighty then.

From Vox (sorry!):

But the crisis truly arrived this summer when Kavanaugh was nominated to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy — likely the last justice to frequently vote contrary to what his party affiliation might suggest in some high-profile cases. With his replacement by a more predictable ideological justice, the notion of the Court as an institution above the political fray seemed very much in jeopardy.

And the past few weeks made the situation even worse. Sexual assault allegations, toxic hearings, shocking statements, and shameless political maneuvers over the final days of the confirmation battle led to one of the closest votes ever for a Supreme Court nominee. The debate over Kavanaugh sparked passionate conversations all across the country, took center stage in political campaigns from North Dakota to Maine and generated outrage among senators on both sides of the aisle.

Shriek shriek! Kavanaugh!

Notice how every time Democrats lose they try and change the rules or they blame the system. They can’t accept that maybe, JUST MAYBE, their ideas and policies stink … that’s the real crisis.

For them.


And damn right the media is facing a legitimacy crisis.


Like how they’re attacking the Electoral College now.

Sad but true.

But Trump!


They are almost too stupid to insult.



Kavanaugh something something.

They’re not interested in changing themselves, they just want to rig the system now.

Good luck with that.


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