Call us crazy but the last thing we want to tell Democrats to stop doing is LOSING.

Please, by all means, LOSE some more. We love to watch them lose, especially Hillary Clinton. Democrats losing is a GOOD thing if you’re even remotely Conservative, Republican, or a Libertarian so this piece from S.E. Cupp totally confused us.

Why would she want the Dems to stop losing?

From NY Daily News:

Republican Party operatives, of course, know this well and count on it often. Democrats, often it seems, go out of their way to lose.

As a Republican, you might expect this to please me. It doesn’t. I believe in a strong two-party system, and when one party is losing so spectacularly, it emboldens the other party to overreach and become a cartoon of itself, invoking awful things like — I’m just spit-balling here — child separation policies and trade wars.

Ok, has she been hanging out with Jennifer Rubin? Asking for a friend.

What happened to her?!

Must be something in the water at CNN.

Or maybe Cupp is doing some reverse psychology and thinks this will fire up Republicans to vote even more?

Ok, probably not but man … this was sad.

Democrats. You can DO IT! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!


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