Anyone notice how Senator Dianne Feinstein hasn’t said much about Kavanaugh since her ‘Hail Mary’ failed? Maybe it was the letter from Chuck Grassley asking the Ford team to send him all communications between the team and senators (especially Feinstein and Hirono) that’s spooked her into focusing on other areas …

Or maybe she’s trying desperately to save her job. Could be both.

Either way, she has a new ‘demand’ of the Trump administration.

The inclusion of what question? You have to actually read the letter (signed by the usual suspects) demanding the Commerce Dept. explain why they’d ask if someone is a legal citizen in the census.

Seems that would be an important thing to know, right?

Call us crazy.

What’s that old saying? Demand in one hand …

Exactly. They don’t want to be responsible for the illegal immigrants they allow to live in their state.

She’s concerned illegal immigrants won’t vote for Democrats when the mean ol’ government asks them if they’re legal citizens.

The Ford thing didn’t go over very well so she’s desperately looking for a win.

Sure, the story of Dianne employing a Chinese spy for 20 years seems to have disappeared but what she did with and to Ford is here to stay.

Nice try, DiFi.


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