Remember when everything WASN’T political all of the time? Those were the days, right? You could watch football, a movie, read a book, heck even look something up in the Dictionary without being hit in the face with all things political …

And then we had to walk uphill both ways barefoot in the snow. GET OFF OUR LAWN.

Ok, so maybe we’re getting cynical but c’mon, when our ‘resources’ are getting political it’s time to take a step back, doncha think?

For example, look at this.

OMG, WE GET IT. They zinged Fox News over Jamie Lee Curtis … so edgy.

But enough.

Just define words already, Dictionary.

Many thanks to Ben Shapiro for doing’s job since apparently, they’re far too busy trolling conservatives on Twitter to do it themselves.


Can we get a different edition?

Maybe we should just get an Encyclopedia and call it good.

Didn’t used to be.

In other words, nearly all things 2018.

Fair enough.

But y’all can still get off our lawn.


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