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'I LOVE this guy right here!' Pic of Kanye hugging Trump in the Oval Office BREAKS Twitter (blue-check Lefties FREAK)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Or a thousand members of the Resistance losing their damn minds at once …


Kanye hugged Trump?!


Ok, this editor sorta marked out.

Yeah yeah yeah, we know, but this was actually pretty damn cool.

Piers does realize there was a Clinton in that Oval Office for a bit, yes?

There were plenty of photos of Kanye in the Oval Office floating around Twitter and they inspired many a caption and a meltdown.

Oh someone who looks at you like Kanye looks at Trump.


Could be?


The Resistance lost their damn minds.

More so than usual.

Simmer down, Sulu.


They can’t deal with it.

Pumpkin spice flavoring.


Kanye supports Trump so he’s gone off the deep end.

This is why Trump won, right here.

Keep it up.


Texans AIN’T buyin’ it! Quinnipiac poll thread spells BIG WIN for Ted Cruz (and BIGGER LOSS for Beto)

Not the M-WORD! Video of journos shaming GOP for saying ‘mob’ cut with actual mob footage BEST THING EVAH

SO stupid it’s IMPRESSIVE: Vox trips all over themselves in this AS*HAT take on Kavanaugh/SCOTUS


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