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'Dude, you need HELP': Chris Hayes jumps ALL THE SHARKS with INSANE take on Saudis and Trump

You know the face you make when you sniff the milk because you’re not sure if it’s still good or not and you can tell by the smell it’s not? Yup, just made that face.


We know Chris Hayes has always been sort of out there for a long while but WTAF with this tweet?


But we thought his twin sister Rachel Maddow already had Trump’s tax returns.


And yeah yeah, we know they’re not twins or even related but holy cow, sometimes you have to wonder.

Did he really think implying the president would take bribes from the Saudis so they could murder his critics is even sane, let alone appropriate?

We agree.

We see what he did here.

But Russia! Wait … but Saudis!

Oh, and if you thought Chris jumped the shark here, take a look at the people responding.


That would be because of the media, but ok.


It’s all a PLOT!

They’re so adorable.

And by adorable we mean angsty, frothy-mouthed, and a bit melodramatic.


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