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'Useful TOOLS': Mollie Hemingway's take on Never Trump hits Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin RIGHT in the kisser

One of the strangest things to come out of the Trump presidency has been the convenient mislabeling of conservatives in media. If anyone really believes people like Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot are conservatives we have some beach front property to sell them in Wyoming.


In December.

Max Boot started it …

Oh, Max is SO superior to us little conservatives. *eye roll*


Traditional media LOVE using Rubin and Boot to pretend that somehow conservatives are turning on one another so Mike’s point is spot on.

Mollie Hemingway took it even a step further.


Cartoonishly over-represented … we love this.

Oh, and she nailed it with ‘useful tools’.

Full transparency, this editor was also Never Trump … and when he won she figured out it was time to do the best we can with what we have. And shockingly she has not been disappointed (if he would just stop TWEETING).


Yeah, pass.


Ok, we snorted that this person tagged Tapper and Cooper in this.

Convenient, useful tools for a narrative.

Nothing more.


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